Zari wearing a birthday scarf surrounded by toysWhat a year it’s been! Zari recently celebrated her first birthday, attended her first play and had a party with her favorite canine friends!

Zari and her puppy raiser have been working hard on training over the past year, and Zari now performs an impressive 30+ commands! Her favorite commands include “back,” (the puppy walks backward) “under” (the puppy crawls under something like a table or bench and lie down) and “up” (the puppy put its front paws on a counter or table).

Happy Birthday Dear Zari

The “under” command came in handy when Zari’s puppy raiser took her to her first play, along with a few other Canine Companions puppies and their raisers. They saw “West Side Story,” and Zari stayed quietly under her puppy raiser’s chair for the whole show. Zari lying under a chair with a West Side Story play programAfter the show, the talented young cast even sang “Happy Birthday” to Zari and her brother Zoom! It was a wonderful outing for the puppies as it included great training and socialization opportunities. After all, it’s not every day a puppy gets serenaded by a choir for their birthday!

group of dogs sitting or lying down under a birthday bannerZari’s puppy raiser also hosted a birthday party for her, which included 12 canine friends, including fellow birthday boy Zoom. The dogs were given the “release” command, where they are free to do as they wish, and they played for hours. They practiced appropriate play and enjoyed splashing around in a puppy pool. Zari eating a carrotOf course, the humans wanted a group photo of the pooches, which is more difficult for younger puppies, but they eventually stayed for the photos. To top it all off, the group was thrilled to get carrots as birthday treats! Yum!

Zari has learned so much and been to so many amazing places in her first year. From Tahoe to Disneyland, and San Francisco to Sedona, Sacramento Kings games, Canine Companions graduations and more, Zari has just about done it all! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the coming months. Happy birthday, Zari!

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