It’s not often that a Canine Companions® puppy gets to listen to bag pipes, hear the swing of a golf club and mingle with cheering crowds all in one day, but Zari got to experience these and much more at a recent golf tournament.

Zari, now six months old, attended the golf tournament, dinner and auction with her volunteer puppy raiser to raise funds and awareness for Canine Companions while getting in some good socialization too.

The day was hosted by the wonderful and committed members of the Gold Rush Volunteer Chapter. Zari was in good company with other Canine Companions puppies and graduate dogs, as she navigated the day. She enjoyed the opportunity to practice commands in a distracting environment while relishing in the sights and sounds of the course.

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Not only did Zari greet golfers at registration, but some players even rubbed her head for good luck before they hit the ball. While waiting for the dinner and auction to begin, Zari practiced her patience and good manners in a puppy playpen. She even took a snooze with a pal.

During dinner, Zari showed off the “under” command while she quietly and appropriately relaxed under the table. She was happy to see her friend Lane with Service Dog Ziggy, who shared his story with supporters at the event. A great time was had by all, and the Canine Companions puppies in attendance gained invaluable socialization experience.

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