Canine Companions puppy Zari at Police Dispatch CenterWhen the Sacramento community learned about the tragic death of Officer Tara O’Sullivan, people wanted to offer support, and Zari’s puppy raiser looked for ways that she and her fellow puppy raisers could help. They decided to plan visits to the Sacramento Police Dispatch Communication Center to help bring some love and calm to a typically very stressful work environment. Zari and some of her fellow Canine Companions® puppies interacted with employees at the center, offering comfort during the extremely emotional time. Zari practiced the “lap” command on some of the dispatchers, where she puts her front legs across their lap, resting on her elbows. This command can provide deep pressure, be very calming, and allow for closer interaction with the dog. Canine Companions puppy Zari with American flag and image of fallen officer at a memorial serviceSome of the dispatchers played fetch with Zari to de-stress, and even gifted her a police branded ball. In addition, Zari was excited to meet a St. Bernard friend, K9 Chaplain Sophie, who seems to love her job too!

Zari and her puppy raiser also attended two candlelight vigils honoring Officer O’Sullivan, where she remained quietly in the “down” command for hours. Some of Officer O’Sullivan’s family and friends came over and gave Zari a big hug and thanked them for attending.

We’re thankful for the sacrifice first responders make every day, and we’re thinking of Officer O’Sullivan and her family and friends during this difficult time.

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