Zari is no stranger to sports – she’s attended Sacramento Kings basketball games, Rivercats baseball games and a number of golf tournaments. Now she’s set her sights on a new sport- soccer!

Zari’s local minor league soccer team, the Sacramento Republic, began supporting Canine Companions by donating tickets to Canine Companions’ Sacramento volunteer chapter so that local puppy raisers can take their puppies to a game for an exciting training and socialization experience!

At the Sacramento Republic soccer game

At a recent game, Zari and her canine cohorts worked well around large, noisy crowds. They were able to ignore delicious smells from food trucks and remain focused while kids were playing and kicking soccer balls around them. These lucky pups even got to experience a loud, exciting drum line at the game! Loud drums and stadiums filled with excited fans are something you don’t come across every day, so it’s an exciting opportunity to expose puppies of appropriate age to the noise and energy level that accompanies these games.

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Playing with the players

Zari’s soccer stint doesn’t stop there. She was invited to a practice with some of her canine friends, where she got to play with the Republic players on the field. She loved running around the field and interacting with the players.

See more about the day in this great video from the Sacramento Republic:

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