…and yes, it’s a puppy!

Zari has been learning and practicing commands since she was a little ball of fluff, and now she’s just a few months away from entering professional training in Santa Rosa, California at the Jean and Charles Schulz Campus of Canine Companions®.

Zari’s mom recently had her final litter of puppies including puppy Dom, who is being raised by Zari’s puppy raiser Laura.

Dom was named after the Sacramento Republic MLS soccer team, whose slogan is, “Indomitable City. Indomitable Club.” The Sacramento Republic donates tickets to games for our local Canine Companions puppy raisers to enjoy the games and socialize the puppies they are raising. They also created an awesome video about their support. Zari and Dom are always excited to go to the Republic’s office to socialize with their players and staff.

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Laura and big sister Zari have been showing little brother Dom the ropes to prepare him for life as an assistance dog. Zari knows all 30 of her commands and is now practicing them in all sorts of environments. She is a very happy puppy and loves people, but behaves herself even when she’s excited to greet someone. Dom knows his name, walks nicely on a leash, and is doing a pretty good job minding his house manners and potty training. He’s currently learning the “sit” and “down” commands.

Big sister Zari is ready for professional training and is excited to meet her new trainer and classmates come February! Baby brother Dom will miss her, but is on his way to follow in her successful pawprints.

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