While the coronavirus pandemic is requiring much of the country to stay mostly indoors, Zari and Dom have settled in nicely to their new routines.

Zari Settles In and Makes New Friends

When Canine Companions closed their Jean and Charles Schulz Campus, Zari and the other dogs in professional training went into foster homes with staff members and volunteers. It was no surprise to us that Zari quickly settled into her new routine.

A generous Canine Companions employee named Alex, has quickly become great pals with Zari, and Zari loves the extra attention she gets from Alex’s roommates as well. Phoebe the cat prefers two feet of space and seems unimpressed by the toys Zari brings to her. Nonetheless, it seems that Phoebe is warming up to Zari and enjoying her company.

During weekdays, Alex spends most of the day working from home at her desk, with Zari sleeping on her bed underneath. Between computer work, Alex takes Zari on multiple walks a day and practices her basic commands, to be sure to keep them sharp while in foster. Alex reports that Zari is an excellent puppy and is always excited to work when they practice.

We’re excited for Zari to be able to get back on campus and into professional training, but until then, we’re glad she’s having a great time!

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Dom Distances Like a Pro

Since Dom and his puppy raiser, Laura, have been spending time at home for over a month now, they’ve been getting creative with training and socializing. They have been going on a lot of neighborhood walks where they practice appropriate leash manners, some commands, and Dom gets to see things like gardeners, barking dogs, cars driving by, squirrels and other distractions and has been doing well keeping focused. He also did very well on a tie down while Laura played some tennis at her house, not moving at all even though the tennis ball must have been extremely tempting.

Dom gets plenty of kennel time a day, which is so important right now to prevent future separation anxiety from happening since dogs can quickly get used to being around their people all the time during this pandemic. We’re grateful to Laura and to all the puppy raisers across the country who are continuing to creatively train and socialize our Canine Companions puppies during this unprecedented time.

We look forward to seeing what Zari and Dom are up to in the coming weeks and months, as they continue their journey to assistance dog.

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