Have you heard about the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards? Specially trained dogs everywhere are working hard to improve the lives of those in need.  The Hero Dog Awards is shining a light on thousands of dogs, and people nationwide have the opportunity to nominate and vote for the amazing animals that are devoted to changing lives.

Canine Companions for Independence is honored to have so many of our highly trained service dogs recognized and honored as nominees, with 27 Canine Companions dogs nominated for a Hero Dog Award.

According to one recipient affected by cerebral palsy, her Canine Companions Service Dog Ingrid encourages her to embrace whatever comes her way.  “I have gained a renewed sense of independence having her around.  It is so nice to have her help.”  This happy partner continues, “She gets paid in treats and love and I get the needed help and an amazing companion.”

Canine Companions assistance dogs also lend hope.  According to a mother of a child with a Skilled Companion Dog, “Emma’s diagnosis is extremely rare and there was uncertainty everyday.”  She explains, “You see, I just wanted my daughter to have a friend.  What I didn’t realize is that when Canine Companions matches a child with their skilled companion it’s a perfect match.  Since the magical union, Bud has shown Emma a whole new world that she confidently embraces.”  The ecstatic mother continues, “Bud is my hero.  He has given me hope, hope that Emma has a bright future with his companionship.”

Check out all our amazing dogs who work to improve the lives of those in need!  Visit the Hero Dog Awards online under the ‘Service Dogs’ category and vote for your favorite at http://www.herodogawards.org/view-entries.html.  You get one vote per dog, per category, per day until July 31.  With your help, the winning dog will provide $15,000 to benefit Canine Companions for Independence.

The Hero Dog Awards premieres November 11, 2011 at 8:00pm ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel.  Tune in to see who wins!

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  1. dogs are really been known to be a good companion especially when they are cared and loved by their owners. It is a mutual relationship actually like a young to their mothers. 🙂 I have a dog also and she’s so lovable and it is nice not just to have a pet but a companion. they are loyal amazing animals better than girls. hehe .. just kidding. yeah i just love your piece here and think of my dog as well.

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