What do Stephen Curry, Justin Timberlake and Canine Companions® puppy Zari all have in common? Last month, they all attended the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament in Lake Tahoe! Regular players include Stephen Curry, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo, just to name a few. Lucky for Zari, her puppy raiser works for a bus company that transports players, VIPs and sponsors from their hotels to the course and back throughout the day, and Zari was along for the ride!

During this week-long tournament, twelve-hour work days are a regular occurrence for Zari’s puppy raiser, Laura. Zari was well-prepared for long days filled with walking, bus rides and meeting new people, while staying on her best behavior.

Laura and Zari stayed in a hotel/casino, which offered a lot of important training opportunities. Each morning, Laura woke up early and took Zari to “hurry” on command right away so they could begin their day. She walked through the hotel and around the casino floor in a “let’s go” command, always staying on task regardless of the many distractions around her. Zari was also able to get a lot of good elevator practice in during this trip. It’s important for Canine Companions puppies to be able to ride elevators comfortably and confidently, since their future graduate may have equipment or mobility that prohibits them from using stairs. At the hotel, Zari also practiced relaxing and remaining calm without as much play time as she’s used to when she’s at home.

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Zari met a lot of people over the week and was an amazing ambassador for Canine Companions. She was excited to meet NBC Sports Broadcaster Kathryn Tappen. Check out the smiles on both of their faces – the feeling was clearly mutual. Zari was thrilled to meet NFL Hall-of-Famer Brian Urlacher, who stopped and posed for a photo with her. Zari was friendly and well-behaved with everyone she met, and Laura and Zari were able to introduce Canine Companions to a new group of (hopefully) future supporters!

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