He’s in Texas and on his way to becoming a future assistance dog for a person with a disability!

Canine Companions puppy Waldo may only be a few months old, but he’s already made quite the journey. Waldo was born February 5, 2018 in sunny California. At eight weeks old, Waldo traveled to the Lone Star State where he met his volunteer puppy raiser and received a Texas-sized welcome!

Waldo has already started his training and has mastered about seven commands including “shake” when greeting a new friend. He’s also getting used to household sounds like the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, motorcycles and trash trucks. All these things will help him become a successful and reliable assistance dog someday.

When he’s not working on his commands, Waldo enjoys play dates with other dogs and new people, walks to the duck pond and playing with his favorite toy – a stuffed shark.

Puppy Waldo knows how to work hard, play hard and even nap hard – letting out loud snores when he’s sleeping off a day’s work.

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