The Hero Litter pups are making themselves at home and getting to know and love their volunteer puppy raisers. Hudson’s puppy raiser Diesta says, “We are bonding and really getting to understand each other. I’m totally in love.”

The first month with their puppy raisers is an important time of transition as they are introduced to new environments, people and routines.

Some pups are getting used to a larger and different “pack.” Chrissie, Harbor’s puppy raiser says, “Harbor is adjusting well to our busy family. She has play time with our three children, 11-year-old lab/golden mix and two cats.”

For other Hero Litter pups, establishing a new schedule is the first order of business. “We have settled into a nice routine of going to work during the week and puppy class,” shares Sue, puppy raiser to Hala. “Weekends are for relaxing and working on her first basic commands: learning her name, sit, shake, down and practice wearing the gentle leader.”

Socialization is also key to the early training these pups receive. This means meeting new friends, traveling to different locations and experiencing new sights and sounds. Holly and Hoagy are being raised by Eukanuba employees and have enjoyed the great facilities at their corporate headquarters. “They are learning proper meeting etiquette for a puppy, which is sleeping peacefully under the table,” explains Donna, Holly’s puppy raiser.


The Hero Litter is off to a great start! All this early socialization will help them with their professional training and their work towards becoming an assistance dog for a person with a disability. Thank you to all the puppy raisers who are such a vital part of our mission.

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  1. Please continue to keep us updated on the progress of the Hero litter. We followed them daily when they were on camera and miss them very much. Thanks !

  2. Was so happy to receive some news on the Hero litter. I watched the puppycam faithfully & had puppy withdrawal when they went to their puppy raisers. Please continue to keep us posted. Some pictures would be fabulous. Thanks!

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