Canine Companions® puppy Wes is loving life and all of its joys, big and small. From finding his voice for the “speak” command to riding like a perfect gentleman in his first Lyft, Wes is finding happiness in new and old experiences alike.

Comedy at puppy class

Canine Companions assistance dogs are trained to lie on their left hip when working on the handler’s right side, and their right hip when on the handler’s left side. Wes is so skilled at “flipping his hip” that he’s begun to make a joke out of it during puppy class. He and his volunteer puppy raiser, Christa, have the hip flip down to a science, with Wes and Christa flip-flopping as he moves from side to side. While Wes is not training to be a comedian, Christa is convinced that Wes has decided to add “class clown” to his repertoire.

“Wes is still fun loving and full of antics,” says Christa. “But he’s definitely maturing!”

Meeting new humans

It’s not all just fun and games, though. Wes takes experiencing new situations very seriously, and continues to enjoy older experiences even more, like his local farmers market, where he is a regular. His recent farmers market visit was new and definitely exciting—Wes met a young baby. This was his first experience with a baby this size. The baby girl began cooing and moving her arms and legs, as focused on Wes as he was on her. As Wes sat there, his head began tilt side to side taking it all in. He was curious and intrigued by this “human puppy.” His volunteer puppy raiser was right by his side to ensure the interaction was positive and appropriate.

Wes will continue to grow into a mature, focused, future assistance dog, but he can always add “clown” to his resume for a little added experience!

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