yellow lab puppy looking at the camera with a yellow Canine Companions puppy capeCanine Companions puppy Wes likes to be a bit unconventional. Like all Canine Companions puppies, Wes was born in Northern California and is destined for great things with volunteer puppy raisers. Rather than waiting at the airport for Wes to arrive, his puppy raisers flew from Phoenix to pick him up. Wes flew back in style under the seat in a carrier on a commercial plane.

How Canine Companions puppy Wes got his name

Wes was named in a contest by the attorneys at Littler Mendelson, whose founder was named Wes! Littler and Canine Companions have been working together to advocate for appropriate accommodations for service dogs and educate corporations on the impact of service dog fraud.

Although, not technically a lawyer yet, Wes has had some strong opinions during his first two months of puppyhood. He’s always willing to enthusiastically shake hands and paws with people he meets. As a young puppy, Wes is learning the important things – his name, walking on the leash, and appropriate places to toilet.

How Wes spends his Tuesday’s

His puppy raisers spend every Tuesday with their 95-year-old friend “Aunt Gloria.” Wes is always on his best behavior and gets a lot of snuggle time. “Raising a puppy is a good reminder to appreciate the little things in life,” says Christa. “Through the eyes of the puppy you are raising, you’ll discover so many wonderful treasures.”

Wes will be learning and growing for the next year and a half as he prepares for a career, not as a “legal beagle,” but as a shining example of an expertly-trained assistance dog and ambassador. Learn more about Canine Companions and Littler’s unique partnership here.