Miller and the fire truckEveryone might have come for the cars, but they definitely stayed for the Canine Companions puppies. This past weekend, Miller and some of his puppy friends manned (dogged – ha!) our booth at the New York International Auto Show. There were no shortages of cars for Miller to see, but the most impressive one of the evening was the FDNY fire truck.

Despite the lack of four wheels and a horn, puppy Miller and his friend Hera were cause for excitement as people walked past the booth. The two puppies soaked up the attention from all their new admirers and demonstrated some of the skills they’ve been learning. It was a great opportunity to teach people the about the importance of assistance dogs and all of the ways to become a member of the Canine Companions family.

While Miller practiced “shake” with many new friends, one interaction stood out. A woman who came over to give Miller some love had a blue autism awareness puzzle piece pinned to her jacket. We took this opportunity to talk to her about skilled companion dogs, and how someday, Miller or Hera could help a child with autism. She reached into her bag and pulled out an extra pin just like her own. Miller wore it proudly on his puppy vest for the rest of the night. It’s wonderful how a Canine Companions puppy can help people connect in meaningful ways.

After a busy night of being the best little ambassadors on the floor and hanging out with big dog Indy, it was time for Miller and Hera to head home. What an amazing opportunity for them to experience new people, sounds and environments.

Many thanks to all who came by and said hello!

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