Canine Companions® puppy Wes is gearing up for the holidays after a wonderful Thanksgiving with his family and friends. We asked Wes what he’s most grateful for now that 2019 is coming to the end. Through his puppy raisers Christa and Steve, Wes wants to share his gratitude—including for toys.

“Wes is most grateful to Littler, the Canine Companions partner that named him after their founder. The generous law firm has been a great supporter and Wes even dressed as an attorney named ‘Wesquire’ for Halloween,” says Christa. Wes is also very thankful for:

  • His puppy class trainer, Miss Rhonda.
  • His puppy classmates and friends.
  • Daily belly rubs and nightly cuddles.
  • His stuffed monkey.
  • Learning new commands to keep his active mind busy.

Christa adds that she and Steve are grateful for the opportunity to raise Wes and be part of the Canine Companions community. “I often think of the graduates when out in the world with Wes,” says Christa. “A Canine Companions assistance dog must mean so much—not only for the physical assistance, but the companionship as well. I’ve observed the bond that forms between puppy and puppy raiser, and over the years, I’ve seen the remarkable bond between assistance dog and graduate. I’m thankful to be part of the journey.”

Wes is almost a year old and thriving, often performing commands with a “smile” on his face, especially when puppy class trainer Miss Rhonda is around. Wes loves his socialization with the local 4H Club, letting the kids work on his commands. He and his puppy raisers are looking forward to the holidays and ringing in 2020 by viewing the holiday decorations and taking a long hike on Arizona’s South Mountain.

We are grateful for Wes, Christa and Steve, and all of our volunteers, donor, graduates, corporate partners and puppy raisers. With their dedicated support, Canine Companions can give the gift of independence and give a dog a job.

Learn more about becoming a Canine Companions puppy raiser.

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