As Canine Companions puppy Waldo grows, he continues to learn new commands, go on new outings and experience new things.

Waldo is currently working on 15 commands, including sit, stay, wait and shake, which he uses when meeting new people. All these tasks are building a foundation for when he enters professional training in February 2020. But he’s got plenty of time to get there and plenty to learn. For now, Waldo is enjoying the life of a Canine Companions puppy, visiting new places, meeting new friends and having fun in the sun!


In addition to learning and practicing commands, Canine Companions puppies go on all kinds of adventures to get them used to different sights, sounds and smells. One of Waldo’s favorite places to visit is the duck pond. He also loves the water, a must in the Texas summertime! He enjoys playing in the puppy pool, and recently visited a splash pad where he played in the fountains. He’s finding all kinds of great ways to beat the heat!

Waldo is growing quickly, already celebrating his 4-month birthday this week! Be sure to follow this blog to watch him grow and see #WheresWaldo on his journey to assistance dog.

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