Canine Companions puppy Waldo just turned five-months-old! He’s learning new commands, visiting new places, and getting bigger every day – even if he hasn’t quite grown into his ears yet. Time seems to be flying by, and each day brings something new.

Waldo celebrated his first Fourth of July by sleeping straight through the fireworks and celebration in the safety of his home. He did get to celebrate in his own way by getting dressed up for Independence Day, Canine Companions’ birthday and #WaldoWednesday all in one!

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The older Waldo gets, the more places he gets to visit. He recently visited the grocery store and the farmer’s market. Outings like these help him get used to different environments and build a foundation that will lead to a well socialized assistance dog.

Waldo has also mastered being an “office dog” and does a great job resting on his bed until it’s time to play. This is a skill that will help him when he reaches professional training and as a future assistance dog. Then, after a hard day of work (and play) at the office, he’s ready to head home.

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