Can you believe Canine Companions® puppy Waldo is already one year old? He celebrated his first birthday on February 5 with his puppy raiser, plenty of furry friends and lots of love.

Waldo’s first year has been full of fun adventures, new experiences and a ton of learning. Waldo now knows nearly all the commands (almost 30 of them!) a puppy learns before matriculating into professional training. The commands he’s learned have given him a solid foundation for the advanced commands he will learn later. For instance, Waldo has learned the “lap” command which means he puts the top half of his body onto a sitting person’s lap. In professional training, this will aid with delivering items to a person who has limited mobility.

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Along the way, Waldo has had great socialization opportunities. He’s learned to stay focused and calm around other dogs and in distracting environments. The many puppy classes, outings and events he attends are setting him up for his future. Canine Companions assistance dogs must be well socialized and confident no matter the situation so these types of experiences during puppyhood are very important.

Though he is growing quickly, there is a lot more in store for Waldo and we look forward to sharing that with you!

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