Canine Companions puppies must be exposed to different environments to prepare them for their futures as assistance dogs. This means new people, sights, smells and sounds. What better place for new experiences than a fire station?

Waldo and a group of his fellow Texas puppies visited a local fire station where they were exposed to the sirens, firemen in uniform, and they even got to get on a firetruck! Some of these things might seem unnecessary for an average dog, but Canine Companions puppy raisers work hard to make sure the pups they are raising are exposed to anything and everything as they grow and learn.

Puppies who attended the field trip worked on several commands, including “up,” “down,” “shake” and appropriate greetings. They also had the chance to be exposed to new surfaces and firefighters in full gear, including gloves and a mask. This can be scary to some dogs so it’s important to allow the dogs the opportunity to get comfortable.

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Waldo had to be on his best behavior as they approached the big red trucks, examined the equipment and greeted the firefighters at the station. He did a great job staying calm and paying close attention to his puppy raiser while they toured the station.

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