Professional Training

The time eventually comes for each Canine Companions® puppy and their volunteer puppy raiser to part ways as the puppy continues their journey to become an assistance dog and begin professional training.

Waldo has spent the last 18 months with his puppy raiser building the foundation of skills and socialization he needs to be prepared for professional training to become an assistance dog. He will learn advanced commands such as retrieving dropped items, tugging open doors and turning on and off light switches. These commands will enhance independence for a child, adult or veteran with a disability.

The Puppy Raiser

During their time together, he visited new places, learned how to interact with new people, and became accustomed to new sights and sounds in public. Waldo’s journey has been filled with lots of love.

The role of a puppy raiser goes beyond training, it means opening your heart, selflessly loving and caring for a dog and providing a safe home. Being raised on a Canine Companions campus, Waldo was surrounded by extra love from staff and volunteers who are now cheering him on as he moves into the next chapter of his journey.

His puppy raiser, Lisa, says, “Waldo has a wonderful personality. He has been fun and full of challenges at the same time. I am looking forward to seeing how he does in professional training. I am sure he will find the perfect job for him!” During Waldo’s time in professional training, Lisa will receive monthly updates on his progress. An update that all puppy raisers wait eagerly for every month.

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Good luck in professional training, Waldo!

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