Every Volunteer Has an Impact

It takes a big heart and a lot of compassion to volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence. Many volunteers say it’s akin to joining a giant family – a sentiment shared by the clients who receive a Canine Companions® assistance dog. In times of crisis, the Canine Companions family has become stronger together, whether the organization’s six training centers are dealing with wildfires, hurricanes or a global pandemic. 


Each member of our community, from staff, volunteer puppy raisers, graduates to supporters have come together in sometimes unexpected ways. During the current global pandemic, it was clear that the front lines weren’t only in foreign countries, but rather in our own communities and medical centers – and we couldn’t be prepared for what would come.  

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Going the Extra Mile to Support Those In Need 

However, a very dedicated group of Canine Companions volunteers have gone to extra lengths to ensure our family and communities stay safe. From around the country, a movement began to make masks to help prevent spreading of the illness. Not only have volunteers like Cheri Stratton, Lisa Uhlig and hearing dog team Kathy Taylor and Spain been sending masks to the medical community, they’ve created custom masks for our immune-compromised clients around the country. 


Together we are stronger than we know. The Canine Companions family is a dedicated community, working to help keep our mission moving forward while supporting each other. Each member of our community contributes to keep us Canine Companions Strong. 

Thank you for all you do. To learn how you can support the fight against COVID-19 and support Canine Companions, visit here.