A lot has changed for Miller since we last checked in with him. He is now sporting Canine Companions® blue on his vest and has a new title, Canine Companions Service Dog! Miller was matched with Air Force veteran Ken and together they are conquering the world with greater independence.

Miller’s puppy raisers did an amazing job (check out past blog posts to see their great adventures) preparing him for his future. They taught him all the basic commands and gave him many opportunities for socialization. With that, he entered professional training and was ready for the more advanced commands that would set him up to be a service dog.

After six months of working with a professional instructor, Miller entered Team Training where he met a number of students with disabilities. After watching the group work with different dogs, the instructors determined that Miller and Ken would be a great match. Ken served in the Air Force for six years before becoming a Port Authority police officer in 2008. After an accident, he needed to retire. In his spare time, Ken enjoys adaptive sports competitions with other wounded veterans, and Miller is right there to take in all the action! Here’s what Ken had to say about his partnership with Miller: “I am just in awe of what Miller is capable of. Just getting around is difficult, and I need help when I am home alone. Miller is always there for me.”

Canine Companions Service Dog Miller has made everyone proud, and we’ve loved following his journey to assistance dog.

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