Euka and Emma on a play date!

The “E” litter turns 8 months old tomorrow, and they sure are showing their maturity. They have all graduated to the next stage of puppy training which means learning increasingly complex commands, higher expectations, and more public appearances. To put it another way…the “E” Litter is out on the town and making friends. They are the ambassadors for Canine Companions for Independence, and they are making us so proud.

Big boy Elmo taking a break from his travels.

 Elmo and Euka have been taking in some high-society travels. Elmo visited his city’s Art Fest and Euka spent some time at the Cardboard Boat Regatta sponsored by the Cardboard Museum on the Ohio River. These pups are sophisticates, next stop…
The Louvre

Ella enjoying her backyard

 Most days, Everett, Euka, and Ella head to work with their puppy raisers. They are making the rounds among the employees and are very comfortable within the office environment.  Before long, Everett might even learn how to work the copier!

 Many of the pups have taken long road trips – Everett and Emma both traveled to Texas with their puppy raisers! They are great travelers and adapt well to other homes and pets. Emma visited two schools to represent Canine Companions in presentations about our organization. She loved doing the “visit” and “lap” commands.

Emily in the school hallway.

Of course, we can’t forget Emily who has been to little league baseball games, attended conferences and even walked in the local charity 5K. She’s a real go-getter at puppy class and always wanting to please. And Emma loves to go on her walks. She really LOVES her walks. What a great way for her to get out and meet people.

Ethan taking the kibble challenge

Ethan loves working on his commands – a nibble of Eukanuba kibble is a great motivator to practice and perfect everything he has learned in puppy class. He is a real champ! And finally, sweet Eliza is doing so fantastic! She loves to “speak” and is very quick to respond to commands. She was amazing at the Making Miracles Happen breakfast in Denver and her puppy raiser was so pleased.

E Litter pup Eliza

The “E” Litter pups continue their journey to extraordinary.
Thank you for making the journey with them.

If you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser, click here. If you would like to make a donation to Canine Companions for Independence, click here.

3 thoughts on “Update on the “E” Litter – the journey continues!

  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us! The “E” litter sure has grown…Love each one of them. Please keep the photos coming…Melody & Hunter

  2. I think that one of these could be my “Companion” some day. Praying for all the puppies, puppy raisers, instructors and those who will receive these wonderful animals.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I, too, keeping the puppies, puppy raisers and all involved in my daily prayers. They have grown so beautifully, and I feel so proud and honored to have a small part in watching them. Godspeed puppies and all!! Love, hugs and kisses from Daisy&me.

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