Pacifipuppy Foley celebrated his first birthday in December, and his volunteer puppy raisers have been marveling at how much he has learned, how many places he’s traveled to, and how attached they’ve become to this very sweet pup. “Foley is a quick study! He’s super smart, game for any adventure and a pleasure to have around.”

When 8-week-old Foley headed home with his puppy raisers, the first order of business was getting familiar with his surroundings. All the sights and sounds were part of his early socialization. The cat, the doorbell, the kiddos running around – they all played an important role in helping him adapt and acclimate to his new environment.

As the weeks flew by, Foley was able to attend puppy class, start learning early commands and meet other Canine Companions puppies. All the frolicking and playing and learning was such a fun time for Foley and his puppy raisers.

Once Foley started to master his commands, they took longer trips to new places to increase his socialization skills and work on distractions. His journey to Texas for a conference was the highlight of his summer! Arriving at the airport, going through security, snuggling in the airplane, riding in the rental car (a Chrysler Pacifica, of course), attending meetings and being surrounded by other Canine Companions puppies and assistance dogs provided so many learning opportunities for Foley.

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Summer came to an end, and Foley found himself learning more challenging commands with older dogs and taking his puppy class a bit more seriously. He was also lucky enough to attend some fall baseball and basketball games at the local high school. He’s a true sports fan! Since he had grown up with lots of balls and activity, the games weren’t too much of a distraction, and he behaved superbly. “He is fascinated with the games, but it’s really easy to get his attention. He knows when he needs to focus and responds really well,” says his puppy raiser.

The holidays were festive for Foley and his puppy raisers. Shopping, visiting neighbors and taking in all the lights were excellent adventures. Since Foley was such a good dog, Santa brought him some tasty treats and a few chew toys to enjoy.

With the new year comes new goals, and Foley isn’t one to shy away from meeting his next milestone. While he needs to improve his “roll,” he will work on mastering “side” and “heel” and begin to work on “out,” “back” and “visit.”

A Canine Companions puppy is truly a work in progress, and Foley’s efforts will (hopefully) result in his becoming an assistance dog to a person with a disability. We are so grateful to all the puppy raisers for the love, effort and dedication they provide to our puppies. Thanks for following Foley’s adventure. Be sure to check out his Instagram account for some great images and learn more about becoming a Canine Companions volunteer puppy raiser at