Summer Time in Sacramento 

Now nearly 9 months old, puppy Dom is working hard learning his commands to hopefully one day become an assistance dog for someone with a disability. But it’s not all work – Dom gets to have a lot of fun too! The Sacramento heat makes it the perfect place to introduce a Canine Companions® puppy to a pool and teach them how to swim and train for pool safety. The first thing all puppies need to learn is how to get out of a pool.

Sit. Stay. Swim!

Puppy Dom, already a strong swimmer, does really well with only going swimming after being invited and doesn’t just jump into the pool whenever he wants. That’s a really important skill to teach since our clients may have pools themselves, or frequent public pools, and can’t have their assistance dog just jumping into a pool uninvited. Some clients may also be swimmers themselves, or attend water aerobics or water therapy classes. It is important for their assistance dog to be able to lay calmly by the pool. Recently, Dom enjoyed an outdoor adventure to a friend’s water polo practice, and did a wonderful job laying in a “down” command quietly. Good boy, Dom!

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Back to Work

Meanwhile in professional training, Zari is back on the Canine Companions Jean and Charles Schulz Campus continuing her training to become an assistance dog. Currently, Zari is retrieving plastic dumbbells, learning how to walk next to a wheelchair, pushing drawers shut and learning how to push more surfaces like cabinet doors, electronic push plates used to open doors and other items. But it’s not all work and no play for Zari, either! Even in professional training, Zari gets well-deserved pool time on hot days. Playing in small pools is a great way our dogs in professional training beat the heat and have an extra fun exercise and play time on hot days. Zari seems to absolutely love these pool parties, and we’re not surprised.

Keep following along to see what Zari and Dom will be learning in the coming months!

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