The "E" Litter
The E Litter journey begins.

In September of 2012, Canine Companions for Independence introduced the E Litter to the world! With a generous sponsorship from Eukanuba, this group of puppies started their journey to extraordinary with the hopes of becoming life-changing assistance dogs.

Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka, Emily, Ethan and Eliza were a daily highlight as more than 250,000 people watched them on the Eukanuba puppy cam. Everyone wondered which of these pups would make it to Team Training where they would meet and be matched with the person they would serve.

We are thrilled to announce that seven out of the eight E Litter puppies have made it to Team Training. Why such a high number? What made this litter so successful? Was it their puppy raisers’ hard work and dedication? Was it their excellent genes? Was it the effort of our instructors and staff? We asked ourselves these same questions and the answer is…YES!

The E Litter puppy raisers played a huge part in this achievement. Some were repeat puppy raisers and some were “first timers.” This dedicated group of volunteers brought the puppies out in their communities and to their offices, made long road trips and outings to the market, took visits to museums and local ballparks, and more. The E Litter puppies were socialized extremely well and were given opportunities to meet new people and experience different environments.  This group of puppies became well-traveled and adaptable.

The E Litter also had the genetic makeup to be successful. Canine Companions  takes their breeding program very seriously. Each match is unique but many factors come into play before a breeding takes place. We look at the health of past litters, overall success rates, temperaments and that certain “x-factor.” The E Litter puppies had science and genetic history on their side when they were born. Canine Companions continually looks at our breeding program to find ways to improve the outcome and health of our puppies.

Assistance dog
The journey continues…

Finally, the impact of our staff and instructors cannot be undervalued in the positive outcome of this litter. Weekly puppy classes, monthly check-ins and of course 6 months of professional training brought the E Litter to where they are now. Our instructors worked with each of these dogs teaching them to turn on and off light switches, pick up dropped items, pull wheel chairs, accept getting “dressed up” and so much more. Not only are the E Litter pups extra special, but so are our instructors.

“The Journey to Extraordinary” began as the tagline for the E Litter but has turned out to be a reality. This litter continues the journey as they finish their training and start their lives as working assistance dogs.

Congratulations and many thanks to all who have supported, raised, trained and loved them.

Learn more about Team Training, or make a donation in honor of the E Litter.

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  1. Congratulations! To everyone in every small and big way that helped to make the “E” litter so successful. I am forever grateful to CCI, breeders, puppy raisers and trainers for allowing Brenda and Horton, Hearing Dogs extraordinaire, to become part of my life. For making a difference and for changing my life. THANK YOU! ♥

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