On Valentine’s Day we turned 5 months old…yes, FIVE MONTHS OLD!! Can you believe it? Isn’t it exciting? We are growing and learning and loving so much! Read on to discover what we’ve been up to…

Emma taking a walk with her puppy raiser.

Emma – Howdy y’all from deep down Texas! That’s right, I am continuing my travels in Texas and really enjoying my time in the 5th wheel. We take nice long walks around the resort. This gives me an opportunity to socialize by meeting people, seeing new and interesting things, and hearing strange and curious noises. This exposure will help me to become a better assistance dog – plus I love it!

Ella & Everett Bench
Ella & Everett loving the snow!

Everett- Greetings “E” litter fans and supporters! As a five-month-old pup, there are many things I am learning, and I am growing so much! I love spending time at the Eukanuba offices with my two sisters. It’s great to be there and be with so many awesome people. I am working really hard at my puppy kindergarten classes knowing that I will be spending more time in public places.

ohio 3
Ella with Euka and Everett at the Eukanuba office.

Ella  – Hello and how are you? So nice to see you! Glad you stopped by. Can you tell I am on the welcoming committee at the Eukanuba offices? I like to  greet everyone with a friendly tail wag so they know I am ever so happy to see them. When I am not at the office, I love taking naps, getting belly rubs, going on long walks and practicing the commands I am learning at puppy class.

Sweet Elmo.

Elmo – Hey everyone! Life is good, and just the way I like….mellow.  When I am out in public, many folks comment on how attentive I am. That’s real nice to hear and people are mighty kind. I enjoy working on my training and look forward to learning new commands. My best friend is Kristoff, a Canine Companions “change of career” dog and I am so lucky to have him as a pal and snuggle buddy.

Euka on Valentine’s Day.

Euka II – Hello friends! I am a fortunate pup as I get to spend three days a week at the P&G Pet Care offices. My favorite part of the day is when I get to run at the company dog park and play with the other employees’ dogs. What a hoot! If you don’t find me at the dog park, check the office and you might find me laying in the afternoon sun that streams through the windows – I really love that!

Emily Brown (literally!)

Emily – Nice of you to stop by! Everyone is always stopping by to say hi to me. I sit very nicely and wait for a pat on the head or little puppy biscuit.  I love playing at the dog park at work and I really love to romp in the water and mud! It’s a great treat to get to be with my doggie friends and get a little messy. I also love the bath and blow dry that comes afterwards. In fact, any attention you send my way is greatly appreciated!

Ethan and his favorite squeaky toy.

Ethan – Hey, hey, hey! Things are really good here in my neck of the woods. I get to practice my commands every day as I sit in on meetings with my puppy raiser, hang out at the puppy park with all the other dogs, and of course have morning playtime with my sister Emily. I am a good pup with lots of people sharing their love and attention so I can be the very best assistance dog to someone with a disability!

Eliza and her dear friend Juliet.

Eliza – Hello there! You wouldn’t believe all the great training I am learning and practicing. I especially enjoy the “shake” command and sometimes get so excited to do it, that I will ignore what was actually asked of me…oops! Let’s just say, I am eager to meet people and think a proper shake is the way to do so. Woof!

As you can see, we are all making great progress towards our goal of becoming assistance dogs. The socialization, puppy classes, outings, etc. all play a huge part in making this a reality.  As always, thank you for taking the time to read our updates! We appreciate your interest and support.

Wishing you the very best day,
Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan & Eliza

11 thoughts on “The “E” Litter shares its love

  1. Absolutely nothing can make my day start any better than getting an update from “our” E-Litter. Great to hear that everyone is doing well, learning lots, and experiencing all the wonderful things life can offer sweet puppies like you. I believe I can speak for the huge community of EPWs (Extreme Puppy Watchers) in saying that we love you lots and eagerly await our next update!! – ‘Jessies_Mom’

  2. its great to hear that your all doing so well, and I miss seeing you guys everyday but I know that your working hard learning how to help those who really need you so keep up the great work. your friend EYESHINEFAN

  3. This is our first time puppy raising. We are hooked… in more ways than one. Thanks for posting the E-puppy update… puppy cams are addictive, but I joined a support group for treatment…

  4. I love these E Litter updates. It is so great to see those beautiful faces again and to hear what they are up to. They are all very special to us. Thank you for keeping us informed of their progress.

  5. Thank you so very much for the “E” litter update. It is wonderful to watch the progress of our special “babies” as they learn and grow. I just love these doggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love, hugs and kisses puppies–Daisysmom

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