The Ohio Four – Ella, Emma, Everett and Euka II (left to right) – photo by Donna Sword

Happy 2013 to all our friends and supporters! We “E” Litter pups sure do appreciate all the love and interest so many folks have shown us over the last 17+ weeks.  Yes, you read that right, we are now over 17 weeks old and we are getting so B-I-G!! Most of us have outgrown our baby capes and have graduated to our formal capes. We wear them so proudly and are always happy when people ask if they can give us a pat or a rub on the head.

We thought you might enjoy hearing from a few of us about what we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks…so read on and catch up with some of the “E” Litter.

Emma – Woof, woof, and ya-hoo!! The holidays were a busy and exciting time for me. I had a marvelous time traveling with my puppy raisers to Killeen, TX for a visit with family and to celebrate Christmas. It was my first time riding in the truck for such a long trip and I even got to stay in a 5th wheel. I continue to work very hard at my puppy training classes and am learning new skills every week.

Emma sitting so nicely in the family’s 5th wheel.

Ella – Oh Canada!! Hi folks, I’m the first “E” pup to travel internationally. I traveled to Canada with my puppy raisers. We visited all sorts of amazing places. I did really well and was able to practice all the skills I’ve been learning at puppy training.

Ella on her trip to Canada.

Elmo – Hiya! Things are going really well for me! Earlier this month, I got a chance to attend the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Boy, oh boy, there were a lot of dogs there. I even got to meet Stella from Modern Family and Yakult from Suburgatory (or should I say, they got to meet me). It was a fantastic opportunity for me to socialize with other dogs and practice all the commands I’ve been working on. I was a true champion myself.

elmo with stella
Elmo getting to sit with other famous pups.

Euka II – Hi, I’m having the greatest time with my puppy raisers and other canine friends! We play in the snow, take road trips to the Canine Companions regional center for training, and enjoy getting to meet people while we are socializing out in the community. I am learning so much and really making progress toward mastering the first set of commands that are part of my training. The best part is I get to do this with my brother and sisters.  Of course you know Emma, Everett, and Ella. These are my best pals, and together we make up the Ohio Four.

photo by Donna Sword
Euka II is a snowy pup! – photo by Donna Sword

Emily – Greetings friends! I just want to say that I am one of the luckiest puppies as I have two “mamas” taking care of me. They co-raise me and I get to trade off weeks living with them. Fortunately, they both work at the Canine Companions Santa Rosa office so I get to see both of them every day. I also get to see my little brother Ethan all the time as well (he is being raised by a Canine Companions staff member as well). I call him “little,” but he is actually much larger than me. He’s my BDOC (Big Dog on Campus), and we love to romp and wrestle every chance we get.

Emily’s first trip to the market.

Ethan – Hey, what’s up?? Got a biscuit? Want to play? I like you!! Yes, as my OLDER sister mentioned, I am the big guy on the Canine Companions campus and every knows me. My puppy raiser takes such great care of me and her sons ensure that I get lots of love and cuddles. I have been working really hard with my puppy training and am taking to the gentle leader like a real champ.

Ethan ready to ring in the new year!

Eliza – Hello and happy new year! I am so happy to be sharing my fun news with you. I am doing all the things my brothers and sisters are doing and growing quite a bit myself. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to visit the Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO with my puppy raiser. This hospital works with people who have spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries. I was dressed up as Mrs. Claus and spent time visiting patients. They were able to pet and love on me. And you know what? I loved it too!

Eliza dressed as Mrs. Claus

So there you have it – the “E” Litter update.  All this fun we are having traveling and playing and meeting new people is all part of our training. Our dream is to become Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs. Thanks for checking in on us, we are doing great!

Warm regards and puppy-dog kisses,
Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan and Eliza

16 thoughts on “The “E” Litter kicks off 2013 with woofs, romps, and road trips!

  1. So good to know what’s going on with the pups! I’m glad to know where they all are located… I’ll keep following them, so please keep posting… Thank you CCI!!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the progress reports on our pups! I enjoy reading about what they are doing, where they are going–Just love it! Please keep it coming because I will follow it.

  3. Hey it’s Taya here…the mother of these cute E pupies. I can’t believe how much you all have grown. I would like to think that you miss your first home but I know you are very happy with your puppy raisers. Make your Mom proud and remember to listen to them and learn all those commands. Miss you!

    1. Hi Taya, We are all so proud of your puppies–you did a wonderful job as a mom-dog!! Now they are on their way to doing great things and we are behind them every step of the way. We are enjoying hearing their progress and look forward to the next step on this marvelous journey. Love and hugs to you and “our” babies, Daisy&Daisy’s mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    2. Hi Taya, Euka II sends sloppy puppy kisses to you. Thank you, thank you for giving her such a wonderful start. Euka II is a confident girl who walks into every new situation with her head held high and a “bring it on” attitude. She is a treasure and we’re just having a blast raising her.

  4. Thank you,Taya, for giving us 8 wonderful reasons to check these websites everyday! You should be very proud of your babies. They bring big smiles to our faces and lots of “giggles” as we read about their adventures. Love and kisses to you….

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