April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

At Canine Companions for Independence, our volunteers form the backbone of our organization.

Puppy raisers care for future assistance dogs the first year and a half of the pups’ lives. They are responsible for the early training and socialization that help prepare the pups for professional training.

Breeder caretakers are responsible for the male and female breeders in our program. They raise and care for the breeders, assist the females with the birth, and nurture the litters’ first 8 weeks of life.

Other Canine Companions volunteers help with special events, office duties, grounds maintenance, team trainings, graduations and more. We have volunteer chapters throughout the country working towards bringing greater independence to children and adults with disabilities.

Our volunteers make our mission and accomplishments possible.

When asked what keeps them motivated to do all that they do for Canine Companions, some of our volunteers responded with:

“It’s my passion. It’s part of my life and has become a family for me. I feel privileged to work here and I’ve loved all 8,000 hours of it.”
– Maria, office volunteer

“Undoubtedly, the best part [of volunteering] was watching my son hand over Wave’s leash when she graduated.”
– Ron, volunteer puppy raiser

“It is easy to get lost in myself and my troubles but if I give my heart to those in need, it makes my life rich. Canine Companions has allowed me to give my heart.”
– Jill, volunteer photographer

“Seeing the end result and the facial expressions of the people receiving their awesome dogs at graduation.”
– Chuck, grounds and maintenance volunteer

We are so grateful for all the work and effort our volunteers give to our organization; their generosity of time and resources is changing lives!

Would you like to get involved with Canine Companions? For opportunities in your region, visit:

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