What could be more fun than opening day at the local little league with Canine Companions puppy Foley and a Chrysler Pacifica?

It was a great day for the festivities! Gear was loaded, sun roof was open and the radio was playing “Centerfield.” Off they went – Foley and some of the players from the league. Everyone was ready for the parade, the first pitch and the opportunity to meet some new friends.

The outing was a wonderful time for Foley to practice his commands with distractions in a new environment. It also allowed him to demonstrate his appropriate greetings, which meant no jumping, licking, or pulling on his leash.

While he’s not quite old enough to be in large crowds, Foley did experience walking through small groups of people, hearing voices on a loud speaker, saying hello to some of the players and watching the excitement and ceremonies from a distance.

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Once the games were underway, Foley had a chance to relax in the grass and observe the play. It can be a challenge to see balls being thrown or kids running around and not try to engage, but Foley was fantastic and spent the time practicing his sit, down and shake commands.

When the games and celebrations were over, Foley and friends loaded into the Pacifica and headed home. They were barely a mile from the fields when Foley fell fast asleep. He was a tired and happy pup!

This type of outing is perfect for Foley as he continues his journey towards becoming an assistance dog. The new sights and sounds will prepare him for the work that comes with helping a person with a disability. As he matures and masters his commands, he will be taken on longer and more ambitious outings. Who knows, maybe he will even make it to “the show.” Watch out Major League Baseball, Foley may be headed your way!

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