School Days for Foley

As the rest of us settle back into the school routine, Foley continues to learn more and more as the days go by. Now, Foley goes to school with the “big” kids. He’s no longer in the younger puppy class but has moved on to be an upperclassman. Foley loves puppy class because he gets to […]

Rollin’ With Foley

Rollin’ and walkin’ and sittin’ – that’s Foley’s style and we love it! As a 14-week Canine Companions puppy, he is learning these basic commands that will help prepare him for the professional training that comes with being an assistance dog. Once he has these perfected, he will move on to things like “under”, “up”, […]

Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are quickly approaching and as you sip cocoa, warming your toes by the fireplace, planning all the parties and fun events, you might be thinking, “What about the dog?” Have no fear, Canine Companions is here with your quick holiday survival guide. Here are some helpful holiday tips: 1. Use the crate. If […]

Love Letters to the Hero Litter

It’s amazing how quickly 18 months goes by when you’re loving, training and caring for a Canine Companions puppy. The early days of sleepless nights and chewed up toys quickly turn into trips to the local library and perfecting “sit” and “down.” The funny and uncoordinated pup has grown into a strong and confident dog […]

4th of July and Summer Safety Tips

The warm months of summer are great for spending quality time outdoors with your dog. However, remember that dogs wear fur coats all year! Whether you are raising a puppy for Canine Companions or spending an afternoon out with your pet, here are some tips to keep cool and safe all summer long. Hot Weather […]

Dogs of Winter

With big storms rolling through much of the country, we would like to share some tips to keep your pup safe and healthy. – De-icing products, salt, and ice, can get into fur and paws, causing skin irritation or more serious conditions. Thoroughly wipe dog’s paws and tummy when they come in from the cold and snow. […]


Summer Safety with the “E” Litter

With the first day of summer right around the corner, the “E” litter pups, want to make sure everyone is prepared for the hot and sunny weather. Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan and Eliza, want you and your dog to have an enjoyable and safe season. Hot Weather – Euka, Ethan and […]

Tips to keep your dog happy and healthy this holiday season

‘Tis the season for parties and visitors and snow and gifts and much, much more! It is such an exciting and busy time of year, but it can also bring anxiety for our favorite pups (and let’s face it, it can be stressful for us humans as well.) Here are a few tips to help keep your pet […]