Dean Koontz
CBS Sunday Morning crew joined Dean Koontz and SWR Executive DIrector Linda Valliant at the CCI Oceanside, CA training center.


On Sunday, April 10, 2011, Canine Companions supporter, Southwest Campus benefactor and best-selling author Dean Koontz will be featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Dean’s relationship to animals will be highlighted, as well as his philanthropic support of Canine Companions. Last week, Canine Companions’ Oceanside facility hosted a CBS Sunday Morning camera crew and we are excited and honored to be part of Dean’s segment on this widely respected and broadly viewed program.

Dean and his wife, Gerda, adopted retired Canine Companions Service Dog Trixie and the Golden Retriever changed the couple’s life. Trixie inspired Dean to write a series of books in her name including Life is Good, Christmas is Good and Bliss to You. Dean also penned two picture books for children starring Trixie called I, Trixie Who is Dog and Trixie & Jinx, in addition to an autobiography of his life with her called A Big Little Life. Dean designates all author’s proceeds from these books to benefit Canine Companions. Unfortunately, Trixie passed away in 2007, but Dean and Gerda now share their home with release dog Anna. Canine Companions is honored to receive Dean and Gerda’s support, which to date has totaled $7.3 million (thanks Dean and Gerda!).

CBS Sunday Morning is calling this special edition “Animal Attraction.” Tune in this Sunday as they look at American families’ ties to their pets. We’ll be watching, how about you?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning with Dean Koontz

  1. On Sunday’s interview Dean said he had a mystic moment with Trixie. He called it a ‘pheoffinate’? -an enterance of God into his life. I never heard that term before, what is the correct spelling?

  2. Not only do I love reading a dean koontz book but I love how he adored Trixie and now Anna. As a dog lover myself I know and understand how he feels about Trixie being an angel. I feel the same way about my dogs. They changed my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

  3. My first dog was called Gypsy. On reading Dean Koontz’s book about Trixie I was so reminded of her. Gypsy was also a very special dog and we had a very special connection. I’m sure she could read my mind. She learned many tricks and it was almost instantaneous. When I said “dinner time” she would get her dinner out of the cupboard and bring her bowl. It’s been many years now that she passed away but I still miss her. I’ve had other dogs since, and would be lost without a dog in my life- they are so special. They all have different personalities and different levels of intelligence, and also of connection with you. I have two dogs now, who love each other, and my partner and me. They are so different in nature but we love them both to bits. They bring us so much joy.

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