The Ohio Four in their training session!

The E Litter just hit their 10-month mark and it’s certainly obvious with all the growing up and new training that’s been going on. These puppies really don’t look like puppies any more; they’re dogs! And they are way past the simple commands of sit, stay, and down. Let’s just say, summer school is in session!

Eliza working on her “up”.

Within the last couple of months, the E Litter pups have been learning more advanced commands such as under, wait, side, and back. They have started working on skills that allow them to move their front legs separately from their back legs – this helps when they do wheelchair work in professional training. They are working with greater distractions and obstacles. They are growing up!

Elmo on a field trip to Chicago!

Of course along with summer school comes … FIELD TRIPS!! The E Litter is taking more trips in public for longer periods of time. Going to a restaurant or to the movies is now part of their regular routine instead of something new. They’ve seen the latest summer blockbusters, sat under the finest tables, and taken in some pretty spectacular views. The field trips allow the dogs to practice their commands in real-life situations.

Ethan and Emily are A+ students!

The way things are going, these pups are going to pass summer school with flying colors. Not that we are surprised, the E Litter has always been a spectacular group!

Thanks for checking up on our group of E Litter pups!

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