Euka II keeping it cool.

With the first day of summer right around the corner, the “E” litter pups, want to make sure everyone is prepared for the hot and sunny weather. Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan and Eliza, want you and your dog to have an enjoyable and safe season.

Hot Weather – Euka, Ethan and Emily want to remind you of the following:

– Both humans and dogs should drink plenty of water.

– When out for a walk in above 90 degree weather, walk the puppy in the grass and not on the hot black pavement.

– Never leave your puppy in a vehicle on hot days.

4th of July – Ella, Everett and Emma want you to be aware that while we may enjoy the Fourth of July, it has the potential to be stressful for dogs. Please remember:

Ella, Everett, Euka, and Emma
Ella, Everett, Euka and Emma certainly have it made in the shade.

– Don’t bring a puppy to a fireworks display. Fireworks can do damage to dog ears.

– Keep your puppy indoors on the Fourth of July. To help them feel secure, provide familiar indoor sounds such as a fan, radio, or TV that can help muffle the sounds of fireworks.

– Consider providing a crate for your puppy or dog. You can leave the door open to allow the dog in/out access, or even crate them in a quiet room with those familiar sounds.

– If the puppy displays anxious  behaviors, such as whining or pacing, attempt to distract them by playing with their favorite toy or doing something they enjoy.

– When letting the puppy out to toilet, be sure that they wear a well-fitted collar and current I.D. tag. On rare occasions, dogs that are startled by loud noises will attempt to escape the noise despite boundaries like fences.

Eliza and her pal like to stay in when it’s too hot.

Swimming Safety – Elmo and Eliza want to share that as the days get hotter and pool parties abound, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of pool safety. This is not just your typical “No Running by the Pool”—this is puppy pool safety!

– Remember, not all puppies like to swim! Dogs that are tentative to enter the water should never be “flooded” and tossed in the pool. Try starting out with lots of motivation, toys, and a plastic baby pool. Get in the pool yourself and show your pup how it’s done.

– Whenever you encounter a new pool, be sure to show the puppy where and how to enter and exit the pool.

– Supervise your dog or puppy!

– Remove all equipment(leashes, vests, collars) before allowing pool play. This will keep the puppy from getting caught on others objects or swimmers.

– After swimming, give the puppy’s skin a good rinse with fresh water and a good towel dry. Consider flushing the ears with a cleansing/drying ear rinse and be sure to thoroughly dry the inside of their ears with some cotton.

Here’s wishing you and your pup a very fun and safe summer!

Your “E” Litter,
Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan and Eliza

Ethan and Emily beat the heat at puppy class.

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