Bogo sitting on the Publix scaleIf you were making a collage of Florida things, you’d certainly have to make a case for the Publix Super Markets scale. The old-school weight scale with the large round dial as the topper are just as popular as the deli subs and fresh produce they sell and have become an iconic part of Publix since the first store opened in the late 1930’s. And from eager toddlers to reluctant grown-ups, millions of people have stepped foot on these scales, and now we can include the four-legged paws of Canine Companions® puppy Bogo. While we try to watch our own waistline, the waistline of the Canine Companions’ puppy is no exception and weight plays a vital role in the health of our dogs in training. Just adding a few extra kibble here and there during a training session can easily add up to be a significant part of a puppy’s daily intake. Bogo’s puppy raiser understands that his development involves a lot of stages and milestones as he grows into adulthood and keeping fit helps ensure his special destiny—to assist a person with a disability in leading a more fulfilling and independent life.Bogo laying down with his name spelled out in kibble in front of him

Training and Socialization

Bogo is also still working hard to become an expertly-trained assistance dog and his training now involves being asked to maintain a position (or command) for longer periods of time. A good test for this is the kibble name challenge. By spelling out his name in kibble, Bogo stayed focused while in the “down” command and did not eat the kibble. These types of commands will all come in handy when he helps someone with a disability. Good boy Bogo!

Making the Most of the Holidays

Bogo laying on a blanket in the grass next to an American flagBogo also enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday and honored our fallen heroes. “I have a feeling that if Bogo could raise a paw to salute American’s heroes, he would have,” said Bogo’s puppy raiser.

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