Summer Fun

As Dom nears his first birthday, he’s had a ton of play dates, some great training, and lots of water play to beat the summer heat

Dom and his puppy raisers headed to the river to cool off where Dom saw a lot of people rafting, as well as ducks and geese passing by. They also went camping where he got to enjoy fun with friends including a day trip to the beach, experience kids on bikes and skateboards and practice ignoring distractions with other campers and their dogs. During their camping trip, Dom experienced his first thunderstorm and lightning, and was unphased by the loud weather. Good boy, Dom!

Now as summer comes to a close, he’s also “back to school” with one of his volunteer puppy raisers!

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Perfecting Skills

Although limited, Dom has been sharp with his skills in public, mostly in the grocery store. He is working on positions with shopping carts, lots of stop and go in the stores with plenty of distractions all around. In addition to working in public, Dom’s been “working from home,” too. Dom’s puppy raiser Jennifer says,“Raising Dom during this pandemic has forced us to be creative and think outside of the box. Even when stores, restaurants and sporting events are closed, there have been plenty of new opportunities to expose Dom to new things.”

One of Dom’s puppy raisers, Emma, began distance learning for her senior year in high school and Dom has been “attending” class with her and has quickly become the class favorite in each period! Unless he’s invited to make an appearance, Dom stays in a “down” command for the hour-long classes and is a star student. The faculty and students can’t wait to meet him when everyone returns to campus.

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Zari Continues to Progress in Professional Training

Zari continues to progress in professional training at our Jean and Charles Schulz Campus in Santa Rosa, California. Currently, she’s learning how to tug open doors, drawers and closets with a tug strap. She’s also continuing to learn how to retrieve new items, including a specialized retrieve to get her own leash. In addition, Zari is learning the “cover” command, where she will lay down on someone’s lap to provide deep pressure.

It’s not all work and no play for Zari! She was recently introduced to our newest play yard at our west training building and has been playing a ton of fetch. We’re so glad to hear she’s having a lot of fun while training and can’t wait to see if she will have what it takes to become someone’s life-changing service dog!