Canine Companions® assistance dogs make huge impacts on the lives of their human partners as well as their communities. Canine Companions puppies can also leave a lasting impact on the communities they live in.

Buckeye is doing his best to spread joy anywhere he can while making his community a better and happier place. Alongside his volunteer puppy raiser, Buckeye has been making appearances at different charity events and businesses around town. His puppy raiser uses these opportunities to practice everything Buckeye is learning, while the community gets a dose of “puppy” which makes everyone smile.

Winter in Ohio can be gloomy, but this yellow Lab/golden cross is a ray of sunshine making new friends everywhere he goes. This month Buckeye went to his first hockey game to cheer on and support Columbus, Ohio first responders. He helped read a story to kids about the importance of service dogs and he met a strange “dog” on a shopping outing. Buckeye also met a working dog named Matis who works with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department. Together they brought double the smiles.

As Spring starts to bloom, Buckeye will continue to spread joy along his journey to become a Canine Companions assistance dog.

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Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with NBC4 to share Buckeye’s story. Stay tuned as Buckeye joins the NBC4 team on-air and at events in the community.

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