As April comes to an end, puppy Miller is getting ready to say goodbye to his puppy raiser, Saxon. “Hello” and “goodbye” are often the hardest part of puppy raising but both come with great excitement that makes it worth it. As an eight-week-old puppy they come into your life needing all the direction you can give them and by the time they’ve grown into their own, it’s time to say goodbye. And that’s where the warm-fuzzy feelings come in. The puppy that you’ve raised, is ready for the next step in their journey to become an assistance dog. That’s a pretty incredible feeling.

Saxon is preparing to say goodbye and she’s started to reminisce about the things she’ll miss most about Miller. “I will miss the way he wiggles his whole body when he’s happy, the way he presses his head into my chest when I hug him and how he always offers a paw to strangers when he greets them.” As hard as it will be to say goodbye, she knows that when the time comes, Miller will touch the heart of someone else in an even a greater way than he has touched hers. “Everything that I will miss about Miller, he will be able to offer, along with so much more, to someone who truly needs him.”

Of course, Miller doesn’t know that he’s about to say goodbye to his puppy raiser, but he sure will enjoy the extra love and perhaps, special treats that he receives in the meantime!

To all the puppy raisers out there who are getting ready to say goodbye to the puppies they raised, we thank you! Without you, our mission wouldn’t be possible.

If you would like to watch Miller and Saxon walk across the stage as he matriculates into professional training, please click here to join us live, Friday, May 11.

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