Rollin’ and walkin’ and sittin’ – that’s Foley’s style and we love it! As a 14-week Canine Companions puppy, he is learning these basic commands that will help prepare him for the professional training that comes with being an assistance dog. Once he has these perfected, he will move on to things like “under”, “up”, “speak” and much more. Each Canine Companions assistance dog is trained in over 40 commands that will help increase the independence of a person with a disability.

Foley is also working on his socialization skills. This means checking out the local park, taking short trips around the neighborhood and meeting new people. As he gets older, he will take longer and more adventurous journeys. Who knows where he’ll go? Road trip – yes! Headed to the farm – ok! Flight to Texas – you bet! While the trips and new locations are fun, they also play a pivotal role in the development of Foley and his responses to new Foley sit and stayenvironments. Well-trained assistance dogs need to stay focused on their work and because of the early exposure to a variety of places and people, Canine Companions dogs can do just that.

Foley is also the official “PacifiPuppy” for the Chrysler Brand and will help share our mission with more people across the country through our Drive Independence – Give a Dog a Job Campaign. We are so grateful for the partnership and hope you will follow Foley and his journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will be using the hashtags #RaisingFoley, #FoleyFriday and #FollowFoley.

We look forward to sharing more with you on our important work and Foley’s growth.

Learn more about our partnership with Chrysler.

Drive Independence and Give a Dog a Job.