Happy 2015! We are excited to share this update on the Eukanuba Hero Litter.

The days of introducing and learning basic skills such as “sit,” “down,” and “shake” are past. The Hero Litter is currently practicing, and perfecting, a higher level of commands.

Good boy Hudson!

“Hudson is working on a good ‘Under.’ It’s so important to have this command to visit restaurants and public places without being obtrusive,” shares volunteer puppy raiser Diesta.

Snow bunny Harvest

Harvest and her puppy raiser recently took a trip to a ski resort to work on maintaining her attention despite all of the distractions.

Holly ready to play!

Since the pups are older and bigger, they can also advance to more challenging physical commands. Donna explains, “Now that Holly’s body is maturing, we’ve started to work on ‘Jump.’  This is one of her favorite commands since she’s such an active girl.”

Nice visit from Harpo

“We are really working on the ‘Visit’ command,” says Chris, Harpo’s puppy raiser. “Harpo will naturally put her head in someone’s lap and stay there but we are working on her learning the command.  As always treats really work with her plus the fact that she loves to please.”

While some of the commands are mastered fairly quickly, others require the puppy raiser to creatively set the puppy up for success while learning.

Sweet Hala

Volunteer puppy raiser Sue shares, “Hala is working on perfecting the ‘Stand’ command. I find it is most challenging for the dogs to go from a ‘Down’ to ‘Stand.’ So I start with a ‘Sit’ to ‘Stand.’ When that is perfected, we move on to a ‘Down’ to ‘Stand.’ Soon they will do a ‘Stand’ command from any position. Before meals is good time to practice since there is motivation for treats.”

The puppies continue their journey by developing their practical and social skills every day. With each new command, experience or person they encounter, the Hero Litter pups are preparing for professional training and ultimately their work as assistance dogs.

All the time, work and love that the volunteer puppy raisers dedicate is what makes our mission possible. We send a great big THANKS for all they do.

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