Canine Companions puppy raiser Karen Ammer is raising a ruckus and couldn’t be more proud! Ruckus, a 7-month-old black Lab/Golden cross was named by the employees of Ruckus Wireless, a San Francisco Bay Area company.

Puppy Ruckus is a frequent visitor at his namesake company, often joining employees for lunch alongside Karen. “He loves to ‘shake’ with the employees who have been able to watch him grow. I think Ruckus realizes that he gets a lot of positive attention when he engages with others appropriately,” Karen says.

9P2A7843Not only is Ruckus an office regular, he’s experiencing plenty of new socialization opportunities with Karen’s daughter and co-raiser, Emily. During the school year, Ruckus attended Gunn High School’s service club, formed by Emily that makes tug toys for Canine Companions’ training centers. Ruckus frequents Palo Alto Children’s Library for the Paws to Read program, where he lays quietly listening to children read.

“Despite his name, Ruckus is a calm and quiet puppy,” says Karen. “He’s a pleasure to raise, and he brings my daughter and me closer together. We love to have so many opportunities to show Ruckus Wireless the progress puppy Ruckus is making each day.”

Ruckus will have an exciting opportunity to join Minor League Baseball team, San Jose Giants, on June 28, on the field as a featured “Baseball Buddy.” Along with eight of his Canine Companions dog friends, Ruckus will join team warm-ups and stand proudly for the national anthem—no problem for this mellow Ruckus!

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