What’s in a name? For puppy Miller, not only was he given his name because he was part of the “M” litter, but he was also named after an important figure in the Canine Companions community. Our Northeast Training Center, The Miller Family Campus, named for John Miller, who serves as our board chair, has allowed for thousands of puppies, just like Miller, to be matched with people with disabilities. 2018 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Miller Family Campus in Long Island, New York.

Canine Companions puppy Miller and his puppy raiser traveled on the Long Island Railroad from Manhattan to Port Jefferson to have the chance to meet and thank Mr. Miller at a reception for the national board of directors.

When they arrived at the reception, Miller stopped to say hello to the other Canine Companions puppies and assistance dogs in attendance. As soon as the canine greetings were over, Miller was introduced to Mr. Miller. Following a series of puppy kisses, snuggles and tail wags, it was time to get serious and have a little photo shoot with the two Millers. They made a great pair and quickly formed a friendship.

Miller’s puppy raiser mentioned that it an honor to raise a dog named after a family who has selflessly given so much in order to help others gain independence. The name Miller has another significance for his puppy raiser. Her grandfather’s last name is Miller, and she shared that he always bonds with the puppies she raises. Some things are just meant to be, and this is clearly an example of that.

Miller is a special pup, with a special name and a very special purpose in life. For now, Miller continues to prepare for the day he returns to the Miller Family Campus for professional training.

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