Jennifer loves puppies. Who doesn’t? But Jennifer has put her love of puppies to use: helping change lives as a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions. “I get a new puppy every 18 months. I experience all the joys of them being young,” explains Jennifer.
“They are so cute when they are puppies! Maybe it is selfish, but I think I’d be a dog hoarder if I didn’t raise puppies, because I’d keep adopting puppies! kinkeade-puppy2Being a puppy raiser has been unbelievably rewarding.”

Jennifer, her husband Scott and two sons Austin and Mason are currently raising their fourth puppy.
“Raising puppies has been great for my sons. They love taking the dogs places when the puppies are old enough,” says Jennifer. “We’ll go to the movies, restaurants or to school to pick the boys up.” Tyler was the first puppy the family raised, and their current puppy, Kinkeade, was named after the Honorable Judge Ed Kinkeade. Judge Kinkeade, a Canine Companions national board member, was an instrumental force in the opening of the new
South Central Training Center in Texas along with Baylor Scott & White Health.

“If a dog can give someone so much independence, how could I not raise a puppy? And it gives me the opportunity to always have puppies,” says Jennifer. “I love jennifer-with-puppy-kinkeade-meeting-namesakeeverything about the process. I love that Canine Companions retains ownership of their dogs, so they are always there for the dogs, no matter what. As puppy raisers, we put so much work into these little guys — we want to know they are in good hands and that someone is keeping them safe and healthy.”

“These dogs are so good. They were bred to be highly motivated to work with calm, reliable temperaments,” says Jennifer.

If you love puppies as much as Jennifer and her family, she would recommend you consider puppy raising as well. “Canine Companions will walk you through the steps and provide lots of resources and support. There is always someone you can call if you ever have questions,” says Jennifer. But she does warn that there is one negative aspect to raising puppies. “If you are trying to get something done and you take your puppy with you — you always get stopped. I can never run a quick errand if I have a puppy with me. If that’s the worst thing, it’s pretty good.”

Learn more about becoming a volunteer puppy raiser.

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