BABS 2015-12Meet Canine Companions puppy Babs, a sweet 7 month Labrador/Golden Retriever cross being raised by college student Veronica.  Babs has been learning both in and out of the classroom as Veronica teaches her basic obedience and gives her plenty of college life socialization.  Veronica’s college hosts one of our 30 Canine Companions college puppy raising clubs, so Babs enjoys lots of play time with her study buddies.

Babs was named in honor of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) president Babs Condon.  GFWC has been a great supporter of Canine Companions for Independence® for many years.  Babs Condon held a two-year term and will be passing the torch this June at the National GFWC Convention to Sheila Shea. During Babs Condon’s 2014-2016 tenure, GFWC raised approximately $400,000 for Canine Companions for Independence.

We have benefited from the generosity of GFWC across the nation through financial gifts as well as volunteer service and community outreach and we are touched by their generosity and their passion to give back.  GFWC is comprised of 6,500 women’s clubs, and their national fundraising and outreach for Canine Companions extends from Florida to Massachusetts, New York to California.GFWC 2016 (8)

Canine Companions is honored to have puppy Babs continuing the hard work of the GFWC, raising awareness and studying hard alongside Veronica to potentially change the life of a person with a disability.

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