Canine Companions® volunteer puppy raisers are always looking for new sights, sounds and environments to help the puppy they are raising become comfortable with whatever comes their way. Buckeye is growing up fast and hitting his stride. At 6-months-old, Buckeye was ready for his first trip. Not just any trip but a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Rose Bowl, and of course hit up the California beaches along the way. For an Ohio-raised pup, this trip was full of fun “firsts.”

Buckeye’s first, first was the flight to sunny California. He made great friends with the TSA agents as he went through security and then, once on board, with all of the Southwest pilots and flight attendants. He mastered the sky like a champ, napping all the way!

After a restful flight, Buckeye was ready to hit the waves when he landed. What a fun new experience, water that plays back! Buckeye spent days playing in the surf (on leash of course). Play can be a great time for a Canine Companions puppy to learn as well. With the new, fun distraction of the ocean, Buckeye got to work on his recall and listening to his puppy raiser, even with the ocean calling his name.

An airplane wasn’t the only new type of transportation Buckeye got to try out, he also took his first train ride to the Rose Bowl! The noise of the train coming into the station and the commotion of boarding didn’t faze Buckeye one bit, and he made the journey to Pasadena in style.

After traveling across the country, Buckeye met up with some familiar faces from NBC4 and was lucky enough to take a tour of the Rose Bowl. The next day was parade day! Military planes, marching bands, mascots, yummy smelling food and crowds of people were just some of the new sights, sounds and distractions Buckeye experienced while cheering on his home team, the Ohio State Buckeyes! The cheering must have worked as they were victorious and went on to win the Rose Bowl game.

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With Buckeye’s confident, can-do attitude, this exciting trip, full of fun firsts, was no big thing. He’s a well-rounded pup who’s ready to take on many more experiences on his journey to becoming an assistance dog.

Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with NBC4 to share Buckeye’s story. Stay tuned as Buckeye joins the NBC4 team on-air and at events in the community.

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