When you are a puppy, the world is an exciting place. You experience many things for the first time and your favorite toy one minute can be replaced quickly by the stuffed animal peeking out of the toy basket. When you are a Canine Companions puppy, you get to experience even more of the world, seeing new places and distractions as you work on behaving like the best puppy you can be.

At just seven months old, Penguin is getting to experience a lot of fun things, but nothing can beat this puppy’s favorite thing, good-old fashioned playtime! What isn’t to love about playtime? When you are working hard to be the best future assistance dog you can be, playtime is well deserved. Penguin’s favorite playtime is with his puppy raisers, doggie friends and KDKA family. If he isn’t carrying a toy around, there is always one nearby, even when Penguin is napping. Penguin’s favorite toy is a turkey named Dr. Cluck. Dr. Cluck goes on lots of fun adventures with Penguin so that when a play break is needed, Dr. Cluck is there to assist.

When Penguin’s puppy raisers are ready to rest, Penguin has plenty of other four-legged friends to play with. With a big puppy sister at home and lots of house guests, this pup has no shortage of friends. Sometimes Penguin will even share his favorite toy!

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Whether it is a game of fetch or just being goofy with his favorite people, this four-legged Penguin just loves having fun!

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Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with KDKA – TV 2 to share Penguin’s story. Stay tuned as Penguin joins the KDKA team on-air and at events in the community.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer puppy raiser, please click here.

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