Canine Companions® puppies go on a lot of fun adventures, and this month brought one very big adventure for our growing puppy, Penguin. Penguin was invited by his favorite NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to meet their mascot, Iceburgh. Not only did he get to meet Iceburgh, but also enjoyed his first hockey game. It isn’t every day that a puppy gets to meet a giant version of their favorite toy.

Canine Companions puppies have to learn to keep their cool and be confident in an array of different scenarios. At just five months old, Penguin is working hard on tackling both. Before the start of the game, Penguin was given a personal tour of PPG Paints Arena by his new best bud, Iceburgh. Working on his confidence, Penguin didn’t hesitate one bit to go on a walk with a six foot fuzzy penguin holding the end of his leash. Penguin walked with confidence doing his very best to not get too excited and stay in his “let’s go.” Watch their meeting here!

Although it may not be hard to stay “cool” in a hockey arena for people, it can be a little more challenging for a puppy just learning how to act in an exciting environment. Penguin worked hard and did a fantastic job while practicing his appropriate greetings. This was Penguin’s first time at a large event and he drew quite the crowd! This puppy handled it like a pro, staying focused on his volunteer puppy raiser no matter the exciting happenings around him.

Attending the Pittsburgh Penguins game was a great experience for puppy Penguin and a great introduction to the many adventures to come.

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Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with KDKA – TV 2 to share Penguin’s story. Stay tuned as Penguin joins the KDKA team on-air and at events in the community.

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