For the last year and a half, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the progress of the E Litter. You’ve read about how they are growing, who they are meeting, which commands they are learning and what steps they are taking to get ready for the professional training they will begin in one month’s time.


The E Litter puppy raisers have included you in the sleepless nights during the first few days with the puppies; the pure joy when the pups learned to come to their names; the trips and outings they have taken together and now, the point where they must say goodbye at next month’s graduation ceremonies. It will be a very proud and emotional day for the volunteer puppy raisers who have come to love these amazing dogs.


So, there’s one month left and they’re making the most of it! It’s time to fine-tune the advanced commands, give one last “shake” to friends and family, take trips to favorite places and finally start the process of letting go. It won’t be easy, but they know the puppies they’ve raised have the opportunity to become life-changing assistance dogs for a child, adult or veteran with a disability. What a gift! These puppy raisers are honored to be such an important part of this great mission and will cherish every moment of their last month with these very special dogs.

As always, thank you for following the E Litter’s journey!

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  1. I’ve watched these babies grow since day one. So very proud of all of them…maybe one will be ours? We have been waiting nearly two years for THAT phone call…

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