As we celebrate Veterans Day today and those that served our country, all of us at Canine Companions are honored that we can provide fully trained assistance dogs to wounded and disabled veterans. The stories we hear motivate us to want to do more and serve as many veterans as we can with a free assistance dog.

Here’s one story of Matt, retired from the US Army, and his assistance dog Gus.

“I was in the Army for seven years before being shot by a sniper in Iraq,” says Matt. “Now, I’m a quadriplegic with only the use of my left arm. After two years completing challenging goals in physical therapy, my biggest struggle was my independence.”

“I used to constantly say, ‘Can you help me with this?’ Thanks to my assistance dog, now I constantly say, ‘Good Boy, Gus!'”

“Gus is around to help me with the physical tasks I can’t do. He picks things up off the floor, opens the door to my house, allowing me to be at home alone or go out in public by myself. Before I had Gus people didn’t want to talk to me because I was in a wheelchair. Now they engage me in conversation after seeing my service dog.”

Do you know a veteran with a disability? From Vietnam, Korea to the Iraq conflicts, Canine Companions Wounded Veterans Initiative is ready to help. Please encourage them to learn more of how an assistance dog can provide the help they need to regain independence.

Watch this video of Jeffrey explaining how his Canine Companions dog Sharif helps him. And we have more stories on our website.

Thank you for helping spread the word on the Canine Companions for Independence Wounded Veterans Initiative. And thank you veterans!

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  1. Great team Matt and Gus! Service dogs are the best, I know first hand. I’d be lost without my Hearing Dog Cherelle. Best wishes for a long and successful relationship.
    Thanks for your service to our country Matt.

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