Where’s Waldo? He’s out and about! While learning new commands is vital for a Canine Companions® puppy’s journey, socialization is equally, if not more, important. Now that Waldo is older, he’s started adventuring with his puppy raiser to get used to all the world has to offer.

From the grocery store to fun community events and more, all these experiences play a part in Waldo’s preparation for his future as an assistance dog. Experiencing new sights, sounds and smells, such as sirens, squirrels and crowded streets, will give Waldo the foundation he needs to be confident when asked to perform tasks in similar environments as an assistance dog. Getting used to the world as a puppy will help make Waldo successful in his future.

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Along the way, Waldo is doing his part to spread the word about Canine Companions. Each outing is an opportunity to meet new people and tell them about our mission. What better way to engage people than to have an adorable puppy like Waldo by your side.

We are always in need of new puppy raisers! If you or someone you know would like to give a puppy the foundation they need to go on to change someone’s life, please visit cci.org/puppyraiser.