Most people are familiar with the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team, however there is a new Penguin calling Pittsburgh home and they’re making quite the stir. Meet Canine Companions puppy Penguin.

Penguin’s journey, like all Canine Companions® puppies, started in Northern California where he was born in a volunteer breeder caretaker’s home. He was specially bred for a very important job, to become someone’s assistance dog one day.

At only 11-weeks-old, Penguin is just getting comfortable with his routine and is making great strides. He’s already a champ at walking on a leash, practicing the “sit” and “kennel” commands. He has almost mastered potty training and is working really hard at not chewing on everything he can find.

Penguin will be sharing his journey of becoming a Canine Companions assistance dog with the Pittsburgh community every Friday morning from 9–10 a.m. CT on KDKA—TV 2 Pittsburgh Today Live.

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You can get daily updates on social media. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter and see him on Instagram @ccicaninepuppy.

Watch puppy Penguin’s arrival video here! It’s adorable!

Canine Companions is excited to be partnering with KDKA – TV 2 to share Penguin’s story. Stay tuned as Penguin joins the KDKA team on-air and at events in the community.